Estados Unidos, Segunda Guerra Mundial

(U.S.A. Second World War)

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Estados uunidos es el país de las artes visuales, con lo que no es de extrañar que su industria del entreetenimiento y sus artistas crearan una gran variedad de vistosos carteles. En la propaganda norteamericana se puede observar la influencia de otras artes, como el comic y el cine, tanto en su mensaje como en lso encuadres y en el tipo de composiciones que se prefieren. Otro importante detalle es la relativa abundancia de texto en los mensajes,  dado el bajo índice de analfabetismo del país.

    United States is the main country of the visyalk arts, so, the most usual thing is that a big ammount of painters, designers and artists crreate a large variety of  brught and colourfull posters. In the American propaganda is easy to see the influence from comic and cinema.

During the First and Second World Wars, recruiting posters became very common, and many of them have persisted in the national pride, such as the  "Uncle Sam wants you" posters from the United States, or the "Loose Lips Sink Ships" that warned of foreign spies. In the German case, there is an impressive posters with the word"each step you retreat,  the death advance to your home". Posters during wartime were also used for propaganda purposes, persuasion, and motivation, such as the famous Rosie the Riveter posters which exhorted women workers during World War II that "We can do it!". The Soviet Union also produced a plethora of propaganda posters, some of which became iconic representations of the Great Patriotic War. During the democratic revolutions of 1989 in Central and Eastern Europe the poster was very important weapon in the hand of the opposition. Brave printed and hand-made political posters appeared on the Berlin Wall, on the statue of St. Wenseslas in Prague and around the unmarked grave of Imre Nagy in Budapest and the role of them was indispensable for the democratic change.

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